Workshop 2019 Utrecht

DH2019’s theme Complexities asks the field “to focus on DH as the humanist way of building complex models of complex realities, analysing them with computational methods and communicating the results to a broader public.” Understanding the diversity of the human experience means turning to diverse sources, which includes the different forms in which people produce knowledge and communicate ways of knowing. One way that people make and communicate meaning is through audio and visuals. Forms such as drawing, film, and radio construct, convey, and circulate our complexities including beliefs, values, and histories. Analyzing these forms has become an increased object of study within DH; a field which has traditionally focused on text. With this move from the periphery to the center of audio and visual (AV), scholars are turning to computational methods to increase the discovery, analysis, and accessibility of AV materials.

In collaboration with CLARIAH WP5 Media Studies and Audiovisual data, the AVinDH SIG Workshop will bring together DH scholars interested in analyzing AV materials. All DH2019 attendees are welcome to join. One does not have to be a member of the AVinDH SIG, although we would be delighted to have you join our mailinglist here!

The day-long workshop will include:

  • Hands-on Sessions that share approaches and methods for computational image and audio analysis.
  • Lightning Shorts where participants can share briefly share projects, with a focus on works in progress

The Lightning Shorts session will focus on current research in AV DH.  Each participant will have five-minutes to introduce their work. Register here. Participants in the lightning shorts must also sign-up for the day-long AVinDH workshop.


  • Lauren Tilton (University of Richmond, USA)
  • Jasmijn van Gorp (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)

For questions, please email: Lauren Tilton at

Registration workshop:

To participate in the workshop, please register for the conference at the DH2019 website.

Full schedule:

Location: Drift 25 2.06

Google Doc

Session TypeTimeDescriptionLeader(s)
Opening SessionWelcome/ Introduction9am – 10amWelcome/ IntroductionAVinDH Steering Committee
Coffe Break10:00am-10:15am
Hands-On10:15am – Noon
Tutorial I: Inspecting the quality of AV data with the CLARIAH Media SuiteParticipants will work with the Collection Inspector tool to assess the quality of collections of film, oral history interviews and broadcasting materials, investigating the scope and completeness of the (meta)data and reflecting on the consequences for corpus building and analysis. Materials available here.Julia Noordegraaf, Jasmijn Van Gorp and Liliana Melgar
Tutorial II: Collecting YouTube Data and Tracking Reuse of Public BroadcastersParticipants will work with the YouTube Data Tools to collect current affairs broadcasts on YouTube. These clips (for a week, or month) are coded, analyzed, and compared with the television programs from which the clips originate through CLARIAH’s Media Suite. Bernhard Rieder and Thomas Poell
LunchNoon – 1:15pm
Hands-On1:15pm – 3pm
Tutorial III: Distant Viewing with the DV ToolkitParticipants will work with software designed to analyzing moving images including identifying formal elements such as frames, shots, scenes as well as higher level features such as people and objects. Materials available here.Taylor Arnold
Tutorial IV: Semantic Annotation Tool Participants will use the Semantic Annotation Tool (SAT) to mark up historic films for multiple purposes, including machine- and human-analysis, as well as learn how to integrate SAT into their own web-based projects. Materials available here.John Bell and Mark Williams

Lightning Shorts3:15pm – 4pm
Closing SessionRecap / Concluding Remarks4pm – 5pmRecap / Concluding RemarksAVinDH Steering Committee