Keynote address dr. Claire Clivaz

Images, Sound, Writing in Western: a long hatred-love story?

This keynote address will think about the emergence of a SIG group entitled “Special Interest Group AudioVisual Material in Digital Humanities (AVinDH)” in ADHO. Traditionnally, the study of images was devoted to Art History in Humanities, then also to Movie Studies, and considered as less noble than all the textual studies, considered as the core of Arts and Humanities. Sounds studies was limited to musicology. In the digital cultures, the status of oral and visual sources is deeply transformed and the creation of this SIG is a sign of the impact of audiovisual material for all the Humanities. The long Western history of “hatred-love” between images and texts helps to understand all the symbolic aspects of the difficulties related to the copyright of images and movies in the digital culture. Iconoclast crises seem to have always put the decisive power in the hands of textuality. Face this long history between images and texts, I will think about the changes provoked by the emergence of a multimodal digital culture text-image-sound. If Roland Barthes was concluding his long intellectual travel by considering that the “image has the last word”, the growing-up presence of orality in diverse types of cultural productions is the new disturbing element, that leads to reconsider our relationship to culture and perceptions.

Dr. Claire Clivaz is Head of Digital Enhanced Learning at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics of Lausanne and active in #dariahTeach for which she is Head of dissemination and developer of the module Multimodal Literacies.