AVinDH Workshop at DH2019

During the DH2019 Conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands, the AVinDH SIG will organise its 5th workshop, Monday 8 July 2019.

The day-long workshop will include:

  • Hands-on Sessions that share approaches and methods for computational image and audio analysis.
  • Lightning Shorts where participants can share briefly share projects, with a focus on works in progress

For all information please visit the workshop website.

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SIG Meeting during DH2018

The Steering Committee of the AVinDH SIG would like to invite all members that will be attending DH2018 in Mexico City to come to the SIG meeting.

Date: Tuesday 26 June from 2:30-4:00 pm (NB. ConfTool mentions 2:00-4:00, but we need 30 minutes for preparations.)
Location: Constitución A

During this meeting we would like to discuss three topics:

  • Ongoing activities
  • Roadmap to DH2019
  • Governance
    Three new members have joined the Steering Committee (SC) of the SIG, and in the course of 2018-2019 the SC members that initiated the SIG will step back. The new SC members will be briefly introduced and you will learn more about their ideas for future initiatives and activities. The names of the new SC members  can be found here: SC composition.

In case you will not be at DH2018 you can still submit your suggestions for future activities by sending an email to Franciska de Jong (email: f.m.g.dejong at uu.nl).

AVinDH Workshop @DH2018

At the DH2018 Conference in Mexico a workshop is schedules that has been endorsed by the AVinDH SIG: Distant Viewing with Deep Learning: An Introduction to Analyzing Large Corpora of Images. The workshop will be led by Taylor Arnold & Lauren Tilton (University of Richmond, USA).

Date: Tuesday 26 June (9:00-12:30)
Info in Conftool: WS-12
Location: Imperio B

Please read the full abstract here.
Short description:
The tutorial provides a hands-on introduction to the use of deep learning techniques in the study of large image corpora. Image analysis tasks covered in the tutorial include object detection, facial recognition, image similarity, and image clustering. We will make three open-access image corpora (historic photographs, still frames from moving images, and scanned works of art) available to test these methods. Alternatively, participants may bring and use an image dataset of interest to them. This tutorial is aimed at scholars who work with visual materials who want to integrate DH methods into their analysis of image corpora. No prior programming experience is required.




SIG Meeting during DH2017

The Steering Committee of the AVinDH SIG would like to invite you for a special lunch meeting during the DH2017 meeting in Montreal on Wednesday 9 August from 12.30-1.30 pm in room Leacock 232.
During this meeting we would like to discuss two topics:
  • Ongoing and future activities of our Special Interest Group.
  • Governance.
    Currently the steering committee consists of three members who founded the SIG, 2 years ago (more info on the background of the SIG, please see this section on the website). We think the SIG has matured during these years and would very much like to expand the committee by including members from other continents. We are now seeking members of our SIG who like to join the steering committee and give shape to the next phase of the SIG. By joining the steering committee you will become active in an international board of AVinDH scholars and be able to initiate and participate future activities and plans. If you are interested to join the board, we invite you to inform prof. dr. Franciska de Jong (f.m.g.dejong@uu.nl) by briefly stating your interest and by sending a short bio.

Please note, that if you will not be in Montreal you can off course still submit both your input for future activities or your expression of interest to join the steering committee by sending an email to Franciska de Jong as well.

Workshop Computer Vision in Digital Humanities

During the DH2017 conference in Montreal, Canada, the 3rd workshop of our SIG will take place. This year’s theme is ‘Computer Vision in Digital Humanities‘.

This full-day workshop will start with a keynote address by Lindsay King & Peter Leonard (Yale University) on “Processing Pixels: Towards Visual Culture Computation”.

This keynote will be followed by:

  • Paper presentations based around three themes: 1) Results or ongoing work and research in which computer vision was applied and what opportunities and challenges were faced. 2)How can cooperation between Humanities researchers and computer vision experts be improved so both can benefit of each other’s expertise? 3) What kind of large publicly available annotated datasets are of use for Digital Humanities researchers?
  • A hands-on session in which participants will be able to experiment with open source Computer Vision tools. This session will be led by Benoit Seguin of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, (EPFL).
  • Lightning Talks allowing participants to share their ideas, projects or ongoing work in a short presentation of two minutes. Registration for this session will take place during the workshop so no submission is needed for part of the workshop.

All information on the workshop and the call for abstract can be found on this page.

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Clara Henderson (1955-2016)

We are very sad to announce that one of the initiators of the AudioVisual Material in Digital Humanities (AVinDH)  Special Interest Group, the ethnomusicologist Clara Henderson from Indiana University, passed away last Sunday October 2th. 


We met Clara at the Digital Humanities 2014 in Lausanne, where a pre-conference workshop was held on the use of AV in DH for the very first time. The plan to set up a Special Interest Group was born there,  and Clara’s input made sure we would include folklore and music. While it usually requires quite some effort to get people to take up tasks for new initiatives, she agreed with full enthusiasm to set up a servlist and be the SIG’s contact person in the USA. In the Summer of 2015, we met again at the DH2015 conference in Sydney, where our SIG was formally approved. This summer we organized a second workshop at the DH2016 conference in Cracow, Poland and it was inspiring and fun again. Due to Clara’s visionary engagement the DH2016 workshop organizer have managed to form a group of very  enthusiastic scholars eager to put theory into practice. A special issue on the topic is in preparation, and we intend to dedicate it to the memory of our dear Clara.

AVinDH Steering Committee

Nominee Reviewers DH2017

ADHO has requested the steering committee of the Special Interest Group Audiovisual Materials in Digital Humanities to nominate new reviewers for the upcoming DH2017 conference, August 8-11 2017 in Montreal, Canada. Therefore, we would like to get in touch with you to request names of candidates whom you think are not involved yet in the review process but should be included in order to have a balanced group of people who are also active in the field of Audiovisual Materials and Digital Humanities.

Candidates must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Be currently associated directly with or have been associated professionally with an institutional DH program, project, or initiative within the last three years.
  • Hold at least a Master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline (including but not limited to Humanities, Science(s), Library Science, Fine Arts).
  • Have presented at an ADHO-, CO- or SIG-organized conference, symposium, colloquium, or equivalent.
  • Have published a DH-specific article or essay in a scholarly journal or volume (either print or electronic).
Names of candidates can be sent to Martijn Kleppe by sending an email to: martijn.kleppe@kb.nl Please submit your candidate by 30 September 2016.