Workshop 2018 Mexico City

At the DH2018 Conference in Mexico a workshop is schedules that has been endorsed by the AVinDH SIG: Distant Viewing with Deep Learning: An Introduction to Analyzing Large Corpora of Images. The workshop will be led by Taylor Arnold & Lauren Tilton (University of Richmond, USA).

Date: Tuesday 26 June (9:00-12:30)
Info in Conftool: WS-12
Location: Imperio B

Please read the full abstract here.
Short description:
The tutorial provides a hands-on introduction to the use of deep learning techniques in the study of large image corpora. Image analysis tasks covered in the tutorial include object detection, facial recognition, image similarity, and image clustering. We will make three open-access image corpora (historic photographs, still frames from moving images, and scanned works of art) available to test these methods. Alternatively, participants may bring and use an image dataset of interest to them. This tutorial is aimed at scholars who work with visual materials who want to integrate DH methods into their analysis of image corpora. No prior programming experience is required.