AVinDH Workshop at DH2016

We are very happy to announce that our workshop proposal on ‘Audiovisual data and digital scholarship: towards multimodal literacy’ has been accepted for the upcoming DH2016 Conference in Krakow, Poland. The call for Abstract is currently online and we are happy to receive your abstract by May 1st. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by May 15th. (The full Call for Abstracts can be found here: https://avindhsig.wordpress.com/workshop-2016-krakowcfp/ .)
Please find the introduction to the workshop below. A full programma is likely to be available from 17 May onwards.

Introduction workshop 

In many online platforms and websites, audio-visual data is gradually playing an equal or greater role than text. Similarly, in multiple disciplines such as anthropology, ethnomusicology, folklore, media studies, film studies, history, and English, scholars are relying more and more on audio-visual data for richer analysis of their research and for accessing information not available through textual analysis. Developing aural and visual literacy has therefore become increasingly essential for 21st century digital scholarship. While audiovisual data allows for research to be disseminated and displayed linearly, within one modality (e.g., reading a book from first to last page), it also allows for non-linear discovery and analysis, within multiple modalities (e.g., reading a webpage, browsing to a link with a sound clip, from there to a clip with film). This workshop will address both the challenges of analyzing audiovisual data in digital humanities scholarship, as well as the challenges of educating contemporary digital humanists on how to access, analyze, and disseminate an entire century of information generated with audiovisual media.