Workshop proposals DH2016


Dear members of the AVinDH Special Interest Group,

As you probably know, the next Digital Humanities Conference will take place in Krakow (Poland) from 12-16 July 2016.  (Cf.   Prior to the conference there will be workshops and tutorials on 11 July. Besides the regular submission and selection procedure for these workshops, there is also the possibility to submit a SIG-endorsed workshop for which the deadline is 15 January. For details, see the full call text:

With this post we would like to inform you that in case you would have plans to submit a workshop proposal and would like it to be endorsed by the AVinDH SIG, the steering committee needs to be notified by 11 January through an email addressed to Franciska de Jong (

 We would also like to inform you that some of the members of the SIG steering committee are  currently involved in the preparation of  a workshop proposal. Chances are therefore high that on 11 July there will be at least one workshop on the topic of AudioVisual material in Digital Humanities. 

We will keep you posted! 

Kind regards,

Franciska de Jong
Clara Henderson
Martijn Kleppe
Stef Scagliola