AVinDH SIG @DH2015 in Sydney

During the upcoming Digital Humanities 2015 Conference in Sydney, the Working Committee of the SIG AVinDH would very much like to get in touch with as much scholars as possible who are interested in this SIG. Three members of the Working Committee (Clara Henderson, Stef Scagliola and Martijn Kleppe, see pictures below) will be present at the conference in Sydney and are willing to share the idea behind this SIG with everyone who is interested. Please feel free to approach them if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions.Clara Stef Martijn

To further stimulate contact, there will be two official moments where AVinDH SIG members or interested scholars can meet each other during the conference. First, Clara, Stef and Martijn organize an informal get together with everyone who is interested in participating in the SIG AVinDH. The aim of the meeting is to get to know each other and exchange ideas on what type of activities can be organized and are of interest to members of this SIG in order to fulfill the aim of this SIG:

“The ADHO SIG Audiovisual Data in Digital Humanities (SIG AVinDH) is meant to be a venue for exchanging knowledge, expertise, methods and tools by scholars who make use of audiovisual data types that can convey a certain level of narrativity: spoken audio, video and/or (moving) images. It aims to  facilitate communication and interaction between researchers from various disciplines including domains such as media studies, history, oral history studies, visual culture studies, social signal processing, archeology, anthropology, linguistics.” (See also the About section)

This will take place after the Conference Launch in the State Library of New South Wales, on Tuesday 30 June 2015, approximately around 7.30 pm. Location will be the Bull & Bear bar, 16 Philip Lane, which is only 200 meters from the library, right across the street (see below). Everyone who is interested in this SIG is more than welcome to join us!

Bull and Bear

The second official event will take place Thursday 2 July, 12.45-1.45 pm during the ADHO Special Interest Group Meeting in the EA Building (room EA.2.20). During this meeting all ADHO SIGs will present themselves. See the full agenda as pdf file here. The AVinDH SIG will briefly describe the activities so far and discuss the plans for the near future. Even though this is an official event, everyone who is interested in this SIG is welcome to join the session to get to know our SIG and/or talk to Clara, Stef and Martijn afterwards.

Two other options to meet Stef or Martijn is during the poster session on Wednesday afternoon 4-6 pm. Stef will present a poster on a DH online teaching modules with a special one on multimodal literacy and AV media. Martijn will present a poster the AXES project that uses speech and image recognition to find fragments of television broadcasts.

If you can’t make it to one of these meetings, but would like to be up to date on this SIG, feel free to subscribe to our mailinglist.

We are looking forward to meeting as much scholars as possible interested in this SIG  and wish everyone a good conference!